The 2021 American Grid Trials

The 2021 American Grid Trials is here and in this article we’ll explain the rules and answer our most frequently asked questions.


  • March 15th –  March 27th:  This year’s tests are released 
  • April 12th:  GRID Trials officially open
  • April 12th – April 22nd: video review period and winners will be announced 
  • April 22nd: conclusion of the Trials 


  • You may perform any test, anytime you want after it’s been released.  You do not need to wait until the Trials officially opens to perform, but the time of video recording must be in 2021.
  • Must submit all videos through the ProFit app
  • All rules and standards for each test are detailed on the ProFit app
  • State the date in the video prior to starting the test. 
  • If the test has a barbell or weight, you must clearly show the plates/weight in a single frame prior to starting the test. 
  • If the video submitted does not clearly show the execution of the standards detailed in the test, we cannot accept the result. 
  • If you have any questions about whether a video is acceptable, feel free to send it to team@americangridassociation.com 


  • There are 2 divisions of the American Grid Trials – the Pros and the Prospects.  
    • Pros = players who are currently signed to Florida Grid League teams for the 2021 Season, OR who played on teams in 2020 
    • Prospects = players who have not played in the Florida Grid League in 2020 and are not currently signed to teams.  All Grid Trials participants are eligible to be signed to the Florida Grid League teams. 
  • Each division in each test will be awarded a $100 prize to the best score. 
    • But if the best prospect score beats the best pro score, the prospect takes home both divisions prizes ($200)


  • There is a $10 entry fee to participate in the American Grid Trials
  • On March 24th, the price increases to $15 
  • The entry fee allows access to all of the tests in the 2021 Trials 


Watch the FGL Commissioner talk about the GRID Trials.