Compete with your strengths.

Win $$. Play GRID.


American Grid Trials is a fun, online competition and combine with a series of 12 skills tests that take less than 4 min each.


Only perform the tests YOU choose, from anywhere in the world. Cash prize for each test winner. Teams recruit from test results.


American Grid Trials registration opens on Sept 1 2023. Read more below.


    • Participants will utilize their best skills to perform in one, some or all of the 12 short tests. 

    • Each test has a different skill set focus (Strength, Bodyweight, Utility).

    • Results are entered online and each test will have a cash prize pot.

    • Semi-pro GRID teams will use the results to recruit for their teams in the next season.

Submit your athletic information to teams & receive more info.

American Grid Trials is a fresh new take on online competition.


With 12 chances to win $$$. 


✅ Each test has a different focus spanning a wide range of skills. You are sure to have some in your wheelhouse and allow you to put your best skills to work.

✅ Each test only takes a few minutes, so throw them in during a warmup or anytime. You can train like normal, worry free, that same day.

✅You might have an idea where your overall fitness ranks, but this is a unique opportunity to see where you STRENGTHS compare to others.

✅ Participants can be anywhere in the world. All results are logged and tracked online.

✅ Be eligible to be recruited to play on a GRID team. You can always turn it down if it won’t work for you, but it’s ALWAYS fun to be recruited.

Submit your athletic information to teams & receive more info.