Compete with your strengths.

Win $$. Play GRID.


American Grid Trials is a fun, online competition and combine with a series of 12 skills tests that take less than 4 min each.

Only do the tests YOU choose. Cash prize for each test winner. Teams recruit from test results.



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    • Participants will utilize their best skills to perform in one, some or all of the 12 short tests. 

    • Each test has a different skill set focus (Strength, Bodyweight, Utility).

    • Results are entered online and each test will have a $200 prize pot.

    • Semi-pro GRID teams will use the results to recruit for their teams in the 2021 season.


Signup now to be notified of registration opening. We respect your privacy. Your email will not be shared.

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American Grid Trials is a fresh new take on online competition.

With 12 chances to win $$$. 

✅ Each test has a different focus spanning a wide range of skills. You are sure to have some in your wheelhouse and allow you to put your best skills to work.

✅ Each test only takes a few minutes, so throw them in during a warmup or anytime. You can train like normal, worry free, that same day.

✅You might have an idea where your overall fitness ranks, but this is a unique opportunity to see where you STRENGTHS compare to others.

✅ Be eligible to be recruited to play on a GRID team. You can always turn it down if it won’t work for you, but it’s ALWAYS fun to be recruited.

American Grid Trials - Official 2020 Tests

There will be 12 total tests. Below are the 2019 tests.  Some tests repeat every year, others will be new.

Testing takes place on the ProFit app which allows you to submit video easily within the app. Make sure to be aware of all video submission rules prior to filming test results.

Max Handstand Push Ups 
30 Second Time Cap


Palms must stay within 36” lines (fingers may cross line, not palms). 

Shoulders must end up at least partially over hands at the top of the movement with only the heels touching the wall.

The first rep starts at the top


12 Bar Facing Burpees
For Time

The bar will be placed perpendicular over a line extending past the feet of the athlete while at the bottom of the burpee. At the beginning of each rep (while chest is on the ground) one foot must be on either side of the line.

Chest contact with the ground is defined as the nipple region.


25’ medball hand stand walk
15 medball weighted pistol
25 Chest to Bar Pullups
For Time

Handstand walk must be performed unbroken. Start and finish are the only lines that need to be marked.

During the pistols, the medball must not drop below the waist and may not touch the legs a the bottom of the rep.



Max Set Toes to Bar

Any failure to meet normal TTB standards in a continuous motion effort results in the completion of the effort. This includes any pause or unexpected change in direction.

1 Clean & Jerk
2 Hang Clean & Jerk
3 Hang Cleans (215/145) 
For Time



15 Deadlift
10 Front Squat
5 STO (185/120)
For Time



20 Thrusters (135/90)
20 box jump overs (24/20)
1 snatch (195/125)
For Time

First thruster may be squat cleaned from the ground.

Box jumps - only the feet may touch the top of the box (but are not required to) and athlete must land on the opposite side from which they took off for each rep.



8 burpee over bar
16 DL 315/200
For Time

No bouncing is allowed. Arms slightly bent is ok, but any intentional acceleration of the bar on the way down will result in a penalty.




4 Rope Climbs (15'/13')
For Time





Max Set Wallball

If the ball misses the designated target at the top the player may continue as long as the established rhythm and motion is maintained… but that rep does not count. If there is clear disruption to the rhythm or motion of the effort such as a pause, unexpected change in direction, or the ball is dropped… the effort is ended.




30/20 Cal Row
20 Burpee Over Rower
15/10 Cal Row
For Time

Rower screen will need to be legible in the video for the beginning and end of each row, along with the chest standards on the burpee. You may need a helper.

Screen must be zeroed, by the performing athlete, prior to beginning the second row.




GRID KONG - For Time

1 Deadlift (455/285)
2 Med Ball Ring Muscle Ups (20/14)
3 Double Dumbbell Squat Clean + OH Squat Complex (70/50)
4 Free Standing Handstand Push Ups

Medball must be supported by the legs anyhow during the muscle up.

The free standing hand stand pushups start in a tripod with the head on the ground and end with arm extended, supporting bodyweight, with hips stacked over shoulders.

American Grid Trials will take place in Spring of 2021.  If you’re interested in being notified of the next one, sign up for the mailing list below.